What needs to be done to maintain my concrete?

Depending on where the job was done and what system was used - Simple power washing, mopping, etc is the basic maintenance procedure. Certain chemicals can be used to get off mold, oil, etc. Outdoor jobs will typically need to be resealed every 2-3 years to protect it and keep it looking new and fresh.

My concrete is in really bad shape - can it be repaired?

A good share of really bad concrete can be repaired, some is beyond repair and needs torn out and replaced. We can evaluate it and will give our honest opinion of what is the best solution.

Is it the concrete coating salt resistant?

The concrete coatings will stand up to salt and de-icing agents and will not pit like normal concrete.

If my concrete gets wet, is it slip resistant?

We can provide the proper texture to make it slip resistant if needed.

What is done to prepare the concrete?

Outdoors on broom finished concrete, we acid etch and pressure wash to open the pores to get a good bond. Indoors and on smooth power-troweled concrete, we vacuum grind to open the pores.

How thick is the product you use?

About the thickness of a dime laying flat.

Where can I coat concrete?

Patios, pool decks, walkways, driveways, porches, garage floor, basement floor (Anywhere there is existing concrete) We can also go over tile and existing counter-tops.

How long does it take from start to finish?

The normal concrete coating job takes 2-3 days.