Upgrade Your Basement Floors With Decorative Concrete

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You've decided to make use of your extra space and finish your basement, but you aren't sure which type of flooring to install. Decorative concrete is unparalleled in both beauty and affordability. When you're ready to install basement flooring, reach out to SS Concrete Solutions Inc. in Lehigh, KS. Our decorative concrete options will leave a lasting impression.

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The benefits of decorative concrete flooring

Concrete usually doesn't make the cut when you're thinking about basement flooring ideas, but we think it should take the #1 spot on your list. Here's why:

  • It comes in a variety of colors and patterns that will complement any home
  • It's easy to maintain and will last for years
  • It will increase the resale value of your property

Decorative concrete floors can also withstand flooding. We guarantee you'll love your new concrete floors. We serve Lehigh, Newton, Andover, and Wichita, KS.